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Let’s get our Challenge on!

Have you ever thought to yourself, “Man, I need to make a change in the way I eat but I have no clue where to start!” Have you been researching ketogenic low carb diets and after researching are more confused than when you started? Do you think it’s too elaborate or just a quick fix? You hear all these strange words, like Macronutrient and Micronutrient and your brain fogs and eyes glaze over as you quickly try to google what these terms mean. I totally understand all these questions. What if you could have a meal plan all laid out so you could see just how simple it can be and you could try for 2 weeks and then continue from there?

One of my favorite websites has a 2 week challenge all set up with menus and everything! Shari’s Low Carb Kitchen has a Facebook Group and a few of us have decided to do the challenge together as a group. If you are not a member and would like to become one please ask to join. We are starting this Monday, June 3rd 2019. The best part is it’s free! You don’t have to do it on Monday with us, just do it when you’re ready but it is a great thing to do.

To get started just go to the Diet Doctor website link to sign up.

I highly recommend watching the video that talks about the challenge. You have to scroll down to the video.

After the video scroll down and enter your email. You will receive an email for confirmation that it was indeed you that signed up.

You will receive emails with the menus, shopping lists, etc to help you for the weeks. Once you’re signed up scroll down and get a glimpse of what you will be eating. If you don’t care for one of the meals simply sub it out with another one of the hundreds of recipes on the site, just try to keep the carb amount similar as it’s meant to give you the total daily amounts. These amounts are for keto, which is much lower in carbs, vs LCHF which can be a little more in carbs. If you need a little more in carbs just sub out with the LCHF recipes from the website. If you’re not hungry for a meal, like breakfast then don’t eat it. It’s that simple.

If you continue to scroll down you can watch a video with success stories from others who have done the challenge

Last but not least you can read through the FAQs when you scroll down a little further.

Once you’re all signed up you can see various links including the menu, other recipes, etc by going here.

Some tips of my own would be to take measurements, beginning pictures, a log of any changes you feel during the week. You will shed water weight so be sure to keep your water intake up as well as salt intake. Read through some areas of the site for more information as well, they have loads of great tips. Take a pic and measurements at the end of the 2 weeks. Everyone will have different results as our bodies will all heal at different rates, this will give you a very good start though. I can’t wait to hear your results! Remember, this is not a quick fix diet or a weight loss diet, weight loss is a lovely secondary effect, this is a LIFESTYLE change that you will want to continue with for life. The challenge is a great way to get you started and take the perceived difficulty out of this way of life.

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