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New favorite blog!

I have a few favorite sites that I like to find inspiration for favorite recipes to try, share, tweak or for inspiration on creating my own however I have never actually interacted with the creator of the blogs. Imagine to my great delight when a creator of an amazing blog is a member of a diabetic group I am part of on Facebook! How cool is that and she even took the time out to come visit my little blog! I was honored and humbled. You can be sure to be seeing recipes from Caroline’s Keto Kitchen in the future! Be sure to visit Caroline’s blog and check out her amazing creations…be sure to have a napkin handy to wipe the drool off your chin. Not that I ever want anyone to be type 1 diabetic or diabetic at all, but it is wonderful to have a fun blog by another T1D like my husband. It means a lot.

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