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Surviving Parties, Holidays and other get togethers.

Here we are at another holiday weekend. This weekend is extra special, not only because of remember the fallen soldiers, but also because it was my baby’s, Lil’Miss Low Carb, first Holy Communion!

Lil’Miss Low Carb and our Awesome Priest. 1st Holy Communion and reason for this party!

Holidays and special occasions are typically surrounded by friends, family, food and celebrating…did I mention food? This can also bring with it a set of challenges for those that do not want to be derailed from this Way of Eating(WOE) as not all that food we find at parties is LCHHF friendly, in fact some of it can be down right harmful especially for those trying to reverse insulin resistance or other metabolic issues. So how can we be proactive in these situations? Can we maybe have a non low carb treat and not get too derailed? Possibly, each person is different. Let’s explore things we can do to keep us as close to on the path as possible. Remember, if you do have a cheat please don’t beat yourself up! This is a way of life, not a punishment and if you beat yourself up over choosing to have a treat you will not be happy on this WOL! You fit this into your life, not your life into this WOE. Remember, progress not perfection! Now let’s explore tips that have helped Mr. Low Carb and I through several holidays and get togethers.

Tip #1: I like to have a lot of recipes on hand that are easy to make for larger groups to take with if we are going somewhere. These are also budget friendly, which is very important.

A nice example of an easy dish to put together that everyone will love. The unnamed Cauliflower dish(at this point) that is LCHHF.

Tip #2: If we are going somewhere I know there will not be much else we can eat other than what we bring we will eat a bit of nice fatty things before we go and just eat very light at the party. A good example of this is Thanksgiving. Turkey is the main dish and while it is low carb it does not have the fat to go with it. We can add some butter to it, but to remain satiated we still need more. Granted we have the one or two dishes we bring, but pretty much everything is always potatoes, jellos, buns, gravy with flour in it. So having some things at home before we go really helps.

Tip #3: There may be things there that while not exclusively in our way of eating that we want to have a little of. We eat these things last. If you eat the lower carb items first you will be less likely to binge on something else and will stick to having just a little.

Tip #4: If you do have the treat drink water, water, water to help flush out fluid build up. Carbs are notorious for causing water weight and bloating.

Today Shari’s Low Carb Kitchen was hopping with company for our very special occasion. When we have company over, like in a big party, we try to be mindful that not everyone eats LCHHF or is even interested in it. Any of the main dishes we make will be in accordance with our WOE, but we will provide little extras like buns. It’s not our wish to push this on anyone, we want to set the example and give information when asked but I will not shove on anyone. By getting a pack of buns it gives others the option and not to feel like they are the odd guy out. Here are some pictures from today’s party so you can kind of see how we do this.

Today’s Visitors to Shari’s Low Carb Kitchen. They got to see where all the magic happens! HAHA

Thank you for sharing in our very special weekend and I hope that any of these tips may help you for social gatherings. So far Mr. Low Carb and I have made it through Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Easter, Mother’s day, birthday parties and a couple other get togethers and remained pretty much on track! You can do it too. Just remember, PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION. Have a Safe rest of your holiday weekend and Thank you again to all our service men and women.

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