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Wellness Wednesday interview with Laura

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing my dear friend Laura. Laura is a busy wife and mom/grandma to her awesome hubby and their 10 children and 3 grandchildren. Laura is blessed to be able to stay at home and even watches the grandkids! She is an awesome go getter and I just love hearing her tips and ideas for large families. Listen to how switching to from the SAD way of eating to the LCHHF way of eating is working for her family, how they feel their health is changing, how their budget is and much more.

We switched up the schedule a little from a Testimony Tuesday interview to a Wellness Wednesday interview since that’s what worked best for both Laura’s and my schedules. What a fun interview this was to do and I hope you all enjoy watching it as much as we did making it.

There are some spots that were a little glitchy, so I apolgize, however it’s still an amazing interview. Thanks again, Laura, for your time today.


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