My favorite sites and articles

Here I will share my favorite sites for great information on low carb and other various health topics.

My NeoLife website Reif Natural which is important for my family. My family could not survive without the help of NeoLife food supplements. Visit my site to see our story and why we are passionate about it.

The Diet Doctor is a great place to start for quality information on Low Carb life.

Don’t be fooled about cholesterol! Check out The Cholesterol Code and gain insight on the truth about cholesterol, why it’s important and so much more.

Dr. Jason Fung is one of the first resources I found. He and Megan Ramos have many great tools and blog posts at Intensive Dietary Management

Anything by Dr. Ben Bikman on YouTube will serve you well in understanding insulin, keeping it low, and how the Low Carb Life works for this.