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Type 1 Diabetes Awareness

Let’s spread awareness!

As many may know my husband, Mr. LowCarb, is a type 1 diabetic so this topic is very near and dear to my heart. In the low carb/keto/carnivore community we hear a lot about type 2 diabetes and reversing it through adopting a ketogenic way of life which is great and important to share and change the way the medical establishment treats T2D. Continue reading “Type 1 Diabetes Awareness”

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Ketovore Protein Pudding

Since moving to more of a ketovore/carnivore way of eating I love being able to easily add protein in without adding carbs. Protein and animal fat are the backbone of the proper human diet. I wanted a satiating dessert that was packed full of protein! While watching one of Dr. Berry’s lives he mentioned pudding made from hardboiled eggs! I promise you I gagged a little at the thought and yet was intrigued enough to google it. I came across one from Two Krazy Ketos, which if you haven’t checked out their website be sure to do so, one from Maria Emmerich, and a couple more. Not finding one that was exactly to my liking I decided to piggyback off them all and make my own version. One called for coconut milk, but one of my kids does not care for coconut so that was out. Another called for fancy protein powders and I just wanted simple, so that one was out. Plus the thought of hardboiling and peeling all those eggs seemed daunting! I decided to give soft scrambled eggs a try and made half a batch just to test. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t eating a rich, sugar filled, delectable pudding! I made another half batch and my family gobbled it up!
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Shari’s Protein Bread~ Budget Friendly

My family and I have been living a ketogenic life for sometime now. In October of 2022 we decided to step it up a notch with the ultimate ketogenic way of life, the Ketovore/Carnivore way. We eat very few vegetables and are the healthier for it! No longer bloated or other issues that even keto didn’t seem to eleviate. We do eat some veggies from time to time, that are low in anti-nutrients, like green beans and asparagus. We also do not eat many nuts now due to inflamatory issues, which means a few of my earlier bread recipes no longer work for us. I am leaving them on the site because many love them and they do work for them. My kids were really missing bread and sandwhiches, especially for the days we were in town and they needed easy lunches.
So, of course I was on the hunt for a bread that mimiced white bread. We tried “wonder bread chaffles” and those worked fairly well. We tried oopsie bread, which we didn’t care for and seemed to crumble easy. I stumbled upon a couple bloggers with egg white bread recipes and they worked pretty good but with egg prices through the roof at $5/dozen for cheap store bought eggs having one loaf of bread requiring nearly a dozen egg whites didn’t seem like it was healthy for my pocketbook. Then others use egg white protein powder which turns out more like styrofoam and is expensive as well. I sought out to create my own recipe that was budget friendly, not difficult to make and that my kids would like. It took many trials and tweaks but I got it to where we all like it. It doesn’t always turn out pretty and the mixture is tempermental but it works and that is what matters. I found the way to combine egg whites from eggs, cartoned eggs whites, and egg white powder and this makes it pretty easy on the pocketbook. I hope you will like it too.
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I am back!!!!!

It seems like forever and a day since I have written an actual post! In truth it has been forever! The last three-ish years have brought all kinds of challenges and adventures which have unfortuneately taken me away from my keto blog writting! We have gone through Covid, longer tax seasons, a daughter graduating college, three more kids graduating highschool and the parties that went with them, moving to a new city, raising baby chicks into egg laying chickens, a son getting married and divorced, another son getting engaged and an upcoming wedding. So let’s just say life has been busy. My dad moved my website to a new host and is helping to keep it all spiffy so I can focus on content. Oh and I started a YouTube channel!

July 8th 2021 we closed on our new home in a small city and moved on July 19th 2021!

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Under Construction

Dear friends and followers,

Shari’s Low Carb Kitchen is currently under construction, though you will still have access to the recipes and articles here, as I work to move it to a new hosting site and get everything all spiffy looking and even have a search and print feature! The move should be completed in the next couple months so thank you for your patience.

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Whip it Good!

Do you enjoy whipped cream, but don’t enjoy the cruddy ingredients in the store bought whipped cream? Well making it yourself is super easy to do at home and you only need heavy whipping cream, or full fat coconut milk if you’re dairy free, a keto sweetener(if you want it sweetened), and an electric hand mixer. If you’re making a large batch you may want to use a stand mixer or different from what I am using in the video. Continue reading “Whip it Good!”

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Cold Brew Coffee

Do you like coffee? Is it your second love, or maybe even your first love? Are you an instant coffee drinker or do you like to brew? Are you tired of having your counters cluttered with a coffee machine? Have you heard of cold brew coffee and been curious about it? Maybe you buy it premade from the store and are intimidated by the thought of making your own? If you have been wanting to try to make your own but don’t know where to start this is the place for you. I have broken it into two easy tutorial videos and even included a bonus video of making Keto Lattes! Continue reading “Cold Brew Coffee”

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It’s Tax Season

I am sorry I haven’t been around or updating my kitchen. I can’t believe it was November that I posted last! December got away from me with Christmas and I had so much I wanted to post too! Oh well, one can only do so much. It’s tax season and I work preparing taxes during that time. As you can imagine life is crazy right now, add in the crazed panic of the Covid-19 virus going around and that only increases the craziness. So please forgive my absence, but know that after April 15th I have some great posts lined up and coming your way. New videos, interviews, health articles and finishing my 3 part series on diabetes and blood sugar I started in November. The site will also get a facelift as I learn how to make things searchable, pin-able and printable! Lots I want to accomplish. So stay tuned and let us countdown to April 15th. In the meantime stay safe and healthy. Know all my followers are in my prayers. Much love from all of us at Shari’s LowCarb Kitchen.

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Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes

November is national diabetes awareness month and while the awareness month is coming to an end, awareness should be spread all year long. Originally I was going to do one long blog post addressing the different types of diabetes and what to do about them, however after giving it some thought that is too much information to condense into one post. I will do three parts to my Diabetes Awareness series. There are two main types of diabetes, type 1 and type 2 then throw in prediabetes and you have a mess. Part one will focus on Type 1, while parts two and three will focus on A1C, Prediabetes and Type 2 diabetes. Continue reading “Diabetes Awareness Part 1; Type 1 diabetes”

Grow your Ketogenic Low Carb community

A couple weeks ago we were able to make one of our goals become a reality. Mr. Low Carb and I have wanted to have monthly low carb potlucks to grow our low carb community and educate on the ketogenic way of life. Finally after months of saying we were going to do this our first one happened on September 12th, 2019. We had a lovely turn out and loads of great food, which I forgot to photograph. We did have another mini one a couple days later for a breakfast version, which I did photograph the food. One out of two isn’t bad, right?

I also gave a presentation for why we want to live the low carb life. It is my plan to give a mini presentation at each potluck focusing on a different aspect each time.

I hope this will encourage some to work to grow their low carb ketogenic community and support. You do not have to give presentations, just get together and share great food and recipes!