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Ketovore Protein Pudding

Since moving to more of a ketovore/carnivore way of eating I love being able to easily add protein in without adding carbs. Protein and animal fat are the backbone of the proper human diet. I wanted a satiating dessert that was packed full of protein! While watching one of Dr. Berry’s lives he mentioned pudding made from hardboiled eggs! I promise you I gagged a little at the thought and yet was intrigued enough to google it. I came across one from Two Krazy Ketos, which if you haven’t checked out their website be sure to do so, one from Maria Emmerich, and a couple more. Not finding one that was exactly to my liking I decided to piggyback off them all and make my own version. One called for coconut milk, but one of my kids does not care for coconut so that was out. Another called for fancy protein powders and I just wanted simple, so that one was out. Plus the thought of hardboiling and peeling all those eggs seemed daunting! I decided to give soft scrambled eggs a try and made half a batch just to test. I couldn’t believe I wasn’t eating a rich, sugar filled, delectable pudding! I made another half batch and my family gobbled it up!
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