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The rewards of eating healthy, whilst finding foods your stomach won’t get mad at you for!

While you are waiting pictures and posts of the deliciousness that comes from my kitchen you can have a nice laugh at the goofy post my 17yr old son wrote up. He wrote it as if it were me writing. It’s all in good fun and just something to bring you laughs. Enjoy.

My family and I have been eating Lowcarb for nearly 5,000 years, and we’re not planning on stopping for another billion. Haha, did I fool you? Because I’m just kidding, we’ll never stop eating Lowcarb! I’m not even 5 sentences in, and I’ve already told you one of the rewards. A Long life span!

That being said, this task proves much harder than it looks. It is a difficult objective to eat healthy, because if you’ve ever tried it before, you’ve probably found that the “food” tastes like a moldy sponge that was pulled out of a sewer and wrapped in an insult. And That’s where I come in!

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