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Whip it Good!

Do you enjoy whipped cream, but don’t enjoy the cruddy ingredients in the store bought whipped cream? Well making it yourself is super easy to do at home and you only need heavy whipping cream, or full fat coconut milk if you’re dairy free, a keto sweetener(if you want it sweetened), and an electric hand mixer. If you’re making a large batch you may want to use a stand mixer or different from what I am using in the video.

Have you heard about whipped coffee? It seems to be the new rage even though it’s old and has been made for many years in various countries. Like the whipped cream, it is very easy to make. You need instant coffee, hot water, and a keto sweetener of your choice. You will also need a small mason jar(my preferred method) and a hand blender. It can be drunk with hot or iced nut milk. Enjoy!

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